A ‘Yarn in the Yard’ for truckies’ mental health

Held annually, Frasers Livestock Transport’s ‘Yarn in the Yard’ event is a chance for the business to get its team together to focus on the physical and mental health of its drivers.

The recent event was the third rendition of Yarn in the Yard and gave everyone in the business an opportunity to stop and reflect on everything from its people to what it can learn for the year ahead.

“Our employees do a power of work throughout the year, often out on the road on their own, so the chance to get the blokes together in the yard once or twice a year to give them a pat on the back is important for their personal health and the health of the business,” said Warwick Fraser of Frasers Livestock Transport.

“My grandfather always said, people do business with people. The ‘Yarn in the Yard’ is about an investment of time back into our people, reminding the blokes that they are not alone, and making sure that everyone is heading in the same direction.”

Troy Redman, a Frasers driver with over 20 years’ experience in livestock handling added, “The best thing was being able to talk face to face with the presenters about more sensitive questions that we couldn’t ask in group – all the presenters had great message and I learnt a lot.”

“Frasers is a company where all the drivers work as a team, we watch out for each other, and we respect the family as they are very approachable and listen to our concerns”

Assistant Minster for Road Safety and Freight Transport, Scott Buchholz, was at the event. “We know that COVID-19 has meant that workers in the sector have experienced higher levels of stress during this pandemic, with increased workloads, extended time away from home and long hours on the road – this additional stress takes a toll on driver’s physical and mental health.”

“It is a fantastic initiative of Frasers helping drivers keep on top of their physical health with health awareness talks and free heart checks from the Heart of Australia.”

Yarn in the Yard also featured sessions on fatigue from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, an address on the Paraplegic Benefit Fund, an update from the Queensland Police Service and Transport and Main Roads, and an animal welfare update from Bio Security Queensland.

“There was also a good opportunity for drivers and management to catch up with the presenters and industry leaders following the formal program over a casual BBQ lunch,” added Buchholz.

“I ask all drivers to please be mindful of your mental and physical health, not only today, but every day – and I would encourage all transport operators to consider hold a Yarn in the Yard type event with your staff.”

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