NHVR approves a third EWD

Truckies already have two EWDs approved for use and now a third option will come into play within a matter of weeks.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has approved Netstar’s Garmin Fleet 7XX Series as an official record for heavy vehicle driver work and rest hours from 11 January 2021.

“The first two approved EWDs have been available across Australia since December 1 and drivers and operators will now have access to an additional product option,” said NHVR Chief Regulatory Policy & Standards Officer Don Hogben.

The EWD remains a voluntary alternative to the Written Work Diary.

According to the NHVR, the introduction of EWDs means drivers can record their work and rest hours by pressing a button, rather than spending time ruling lines and counting multiple time periods on multiple pieces of paper.

For those wanting to go down the electronic path, Hogben said, “It’s important that drivers ensure they’re using an approved EWD, which will have a unique identification number.

“Drivers must continue to carry their Written Work Diary for a transition period, to ensure that they comply with the requirement of carrying 28 days of records.”

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