Safety and compliance checks after a bumper harvest

Following a bumper grain harvest, heavy vehicle compliance and safety checks will be ramped up in NSW as part of operation ‘Harvest Moon’.

Transport for NSW, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and NSW Police plan to work together to help ensure the delivery of this year’s grain harvest is safe and efficient for everyone on the roads.

“We are particularly focused on fatigue, maintenance and unregistered vehicles after a number of fatal crashes and safety incidents, because we want to ensure you and your harvest get to market without incident,” said Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary Safety, Environment and Regulation Tara McCarthy.

“It is great news that the improved harvest will mean a bumper year but it also means more trucks on our roads, and our inspections are revealing a concerning number of vehicles being defected for roadworthiness issues.”

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command’s Operations Commander, Acting Superintendent Ben Macfarlane, said the operation aims to improve safety and compliance for the industry and primary producers.

“The Harvest Moon operation is one of many compliance operations in which the NSW Police Force supports Transport for NSW and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator throughout the year,” explained Macfarlane.

“This operation is not intended to restrict business, rather it looks to ensure compliance with road transport laws – which is all about the safety – not just for heavy vehicle operators, but for all road users.

“We encourage primary producers to make sure all their vehicles are roadworthy and registered before setting out with their produce this season.”

NHVR Chief Operations Officer Paul Salvati added that the Regulator remains focused on supporting a safe and productive industry, for the benefit of all road users.

“The NHVR has undertaken dedicated compliance operations to raise awareness in the grain transport industry both about the need for safe, reliable vehicles and the importance of operators and drivers managing fatigue effectively,” Salvati said.

“Road safety is everyone’s business and we want to work with all parties across the supply chain to ensure this harvest season is as safe and productive as possible.”


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