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A chip off the old block

Eight-year-old Max Tuxworth is a chip off the old block and looks certain to follow his father and grandparents and be an integral part of the legendary far north Queensland family road transport business.

Tuxworth and Woods has depots in Cairns, Weipa, Cooktown and Normanton and commenced operations in 1972.

Their trucks are common sights delivering vital equipment, goods and general freight along some of the roughest and corrugated Cape York red dirt roads in the far north.

Simon Tuxworth is the Site Manager/Logistics and Max’s father, and told Big Rigs that the company’s 17 drivers, including seven who deliver to Cape York won’t be using electronic work diaries.

“They don’t work very well around Cape York partly because of reception so we will be sticking to the written logbooks,” Simon said.

Max went on a recent trip with Simon in a company Western Star and had some pics snapped near the Archer River Roadhouse and at Musgrave Homestead, both popular stops for trucks.

During the wet season, which usually starts early each year, trucks can’t travel on the Cape York roads.

Tuxworth and Woods is a community-minded company and sponsors community events such as the recent NAIDOC celebrations at the Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire.

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