Truckie Profiles

Finding his calling

Robin Riley from Launceston has been driving trucks for over 30 years, with no regrets. After finishing school, he went into landscaping before finding his calling as a truckie.

When we caught up with Riley, he was driving a Suncoast 2014 Western Star W5800 SS and towing a dog trailer on his way home from Hobart after a long day involving three deliveries.

“Well I’m happy, but I am sure looking forward to getting home for a hot shower and my own bed,” he said.

“I’ve been here with Suncoast for two and a half years now, and they are a great outfit, and they really do look after us.

“I love driving and you seem to get more quality time off. In fact, I am about to go up to Tomahawk for 23 days off, take out the boat and catch a few fish and leave it all behind me, and generally de-stress. And spend some quality time with the family as well.”

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