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Flat out during harvest

Tassie truck driver Matt McKenzie is looking forward to busy times ahead as harvest time kicks in.

“I’ve been here for two good years so far and I would have to say this is an awesome outfit. Dallas and Rosie Kotraba are just a great couple to work for, you couldn’t ask for better,” he said.

“They currently have two DAFs, two Freightliners and a Mack and a Kenworth on the go, and they are keeping us all flat out as we come up to harvest which is a great sign.”

He was driving an InterTas 2018 CF DAF when we caught up and was taking a tri-trailer loaded with wheat to a dairy farm at Gretna. After that he was going to make his way back to Powranna.

“I’ve been on the road for about five years all up now and have no regrets at all. The Industry has been good to me so far and especially when driving a truck like this and in beautiful weather like this.”

We asked him how he spent his time off, and he said he enjoyed camping and hunting, and of course, spending quality time with the kids.

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