Weight loss resolution for two truckie mates

Not many of us who make New Year’s Resolutions each year actually stick to them, but there are some exceptions. Two truckies, one from NT and one from SA, decided late in the year that theirs’ would be to lose weight – and that they did.

The lads both encouraged each other to have lap band surgery and the NT champion has lost 40kg.

His SA mate has shed 20kg and both feel healthy.

“I’ve got ME back,” one confided in a friend.

Spy knows of a 38-year-old driver who had the surgery on October 26 at a Gold Coast Hospital.

“I was 150kg but have lost 30kg and have never felt better. Now I have more energy and I’ll lose more weight,” he told Spy.

This gent had an underlying medical condition in sleep apnoea and said that many people won’t have the lap band surgery due to cost.

“It can be up to $12,000 but I was told about this Gold Coast doctor who did it for 10% of that after my medical insurance paid for some. I felt uncomfortable for the two weeks after it but in reality it has changed my life,” he said.

He used to enjoy a cold beer, or 10, before the surgery, but hadn’t consumed one in eight weeks.

“I only eat a portion of the food I used to and the savings in dollars is amazing,” he said.

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