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Is COVID an excuse for bad practices or a wake-up call?

Covid is being blamed for every bad business practice: “We can’t supply because of Covid”, “He’s working from home”, “We’re out of stock.” 

Why is this so?

While others are going slow, AIR CTI hit full forward. We used Covid to make a better future. We put our staff and brains to work to make a better product and world.

Innovation has always been the hallmark of AIR CTI. AIR CTI makes the best ‘on the fly’ adjustable tyre pressure system in the world, right here in Victoria. With Covid to spur us on, AIR CTI is now twice as good, guaranteed.

Yep, we doubled the already fabulous guarantee to 1,000,000 kilometres. This is not one of those wimpy warranties with pages of fine print.   

We guarantee that AIR CTI will do your job for 1,000,000 kilometres, including fair wear and tear.  And we guarantee satisfaction, or your money back. AIR CTI was the best investment that you can make to your trucking business, and now it is even better!

Here is what we have done: 

Even though our rotators were the best, we have further improved them, with several additional layers of bearing protection. 

We added two new stages of mechanical sealing, along with improving the shaft seal to an NBR double lipped oil seal.  The new stepped and over lapping cap eliminates damage from stringy weeds or baling twine. Two new filters have been added, one on each tyre valve, and one on each rotator, to eliminate seal wear. Hence, we doubled our guaranteed working life of AIR CTI rotators to one million kilometres!

We’re changing to a thick aluminium mounting bracket, again to improve strength and longevity. This change will ease tyre changing too.

We’ve combined our unique Isolator and our inflate assembly into one compact, integral, component. This makes life easier for the installer, and the owner, while improving reliability. The compact unit is lighter and more compact too.

We’ve revolutionised internal steer and trailer CTI with brand new rotators and air supply system.   The rotators are outside the hub cap/bearing area, eliminating pressurisation of the bearing area.  This is a revolutionary engineering feat.   

Our new rotators mount directly to the hub cap using an O ring for sealing, reducing cost and exposure to damage. A simple new flexible conduit connects the stub axle to the rotator, allowing for any misalignment, while eliminating air loss. 

A new trailer pressure control system is simpler, direct, and super easy to use. Trailer tyres are integrated into our super compact controller.  Pressures can be combined with drive tyre pressure control making life easy for the driver, or can be controlled separately.   

All electronics are truck mounted, improving reliability. Trailer components are all pneumatic. No pesky electrical connections, and only two small control tubes go to the trailer. ‘Stand-alone’ trailer systems is an easy option.

So, what does this all mean?

AIR CTI is twice as good and is guaranteed twice as long. AIR CTI is lighter, neater, more compact, and more reliable than ever. Steer and trailer systems are light years better. There simply is no competition.

Covid has benefitted Aussie transport.   

Every truck and every trailer needs AIR CTI. The benefits are simply huge. The harder your truck works, the more you need AIR CTI. And the more money you will save, and the easier the job.

AIR CTI is even better, giving better value for money. All of this, yet no price rise. Wow. AIR CTI is the Ultimate Tyre Pressure Management Tool.

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