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Slippery situation on Pennant Hills Road

Wet and slippery conditions weren’t enough to deter this driver from making a dangerous move in front of a fully loaded truck and dog.

Truckie Darren Coleman was heading southbound on Pennant Hills Road in Sydney, on a busy stretch near the Carlingford shopping centre, when an impatient driver thought he’d test his luck – the sort of behaviour many truckies face on the roads on a regular basis.

“This car was dicing with a serious accident in wet weather with over 100t to deal with if it had gone wrong for him,” said Coleman.

“With the weather the way it was on this day, I thought it would be easier for me to change lanes a bit before where this happened as the traffic that comes from the shopping centre car park can be a bit reckless.

“Just taking it easy and being prepared for any stupid driving, I was travelling at a steady speed. I was slowing down to a stop and then this idiot comes from nowhere and dives straight in front of me. I thought he must have some sort of death wish for doing what he did. Alongside me was the Hanson truck – he was shaking his head in disbelief, as I was as well.”

“This impatient idiot must’ve been behind the Hanson truck and come from around his left side, across the front of him to then come across in front of me. Even watching this video now, I’m still surprised that he wasn’t hit by me or the other truck.”

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