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15 years on the road

Having worked for Toll for the past nine years, Wayne Farley said he enjoys the work and the way the company maintains its trucks and cares for its drivers.

When Big Rigs caught up with him, he was driving a Toll 2018 Granite 8 car carrier, with a 435 MP8 up front, and was on his return leg, taking three cars back to Launceston, before knocking off for the day.

He has been on the road now for 15 years and said he has never regretted taking up driving for a career. “But it’s worth more money!” he said. We asked why and he replied, “Well, we have to put up with ‘the Minister’, enough said.”

After a good quiet New Year, freight was picking up nicely again. “In fact they are keeping us running pretty well flat out, and that’s a good feeling, though I am looking forward to knocking off for the day.

“By the way, it’s great to see Big Rigs back in business, and my wife likes reading it as well and it keeps us both up-to-date with what is going on.”

Asked about how he spends his time off, he said, “Well I enjoy taking a bit of rest with the family and enjoying the view, the block, the animals and the fresh air.”


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