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Deep in the tropics

Sydney based owner-operator Matt Sultana was deep in the tropics at Bowen in North Queensland when Big Rigs chatted with him.

Matt (33) had hauled fertilizer from Brisbane to Townsville, before pulling up at the Bowen Caltex Roadhouse beside the Bruce Highway.

He was driving a Kenworth K200 and his company name is Westways Haulage.

“I have a backload of corn heading for Toowoomba,” he said.

Of Maltese descent, Sultana has spent 10 years doing tipper work around Sydney. “I have only been doing interstate for a short time,” he said.

Sultana didn’t pause when asked to nominate the worst roads he has to travel on. “They would be the M7 and the Parramatta Road in Sydney and they are always busy,” he said.

The roadhouse Sultana likes stopping at is at Camooweal which is located in outback Queensland near the NT border.

“It is in remote country and good for truckies and the people are friendly,” he said.

Sultana doesn’t use an electronic work diary but feels he will in the future. “Eventually all truckies will have one,” he said.

The first truck Sultana drove was an International Atkinson 4870.

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