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Keeping busy in challenging times

Hobart truckie Ian Geard was driving an eye-catching Bennett’s Petroleum 2018 460 Euro 4 FM Volvo and towing a fuel tanker when he stopped to chat with Big Rigs.

“I’ve been here with Bennett’s for three years now, though there’s been a long association with the family as I used to deliver gas to them before that, and I am made up with the job here.

“The atmosphere is good as they are progressive and expanding, and they are a good family outfit to work for in every way, and importantly they look after us, and run top gear like this Volvo. I’ve been driving professionally for approximately 30 years now, and have never had any regrets, as I worked out way back that I really didn’t like being stuck in the same place for long, and I am much happier being out and about on the road and looking around this beautiful state at the same time, plus you get to meet some very interesting folk along the way as well. Happily, we have been kept busy throughout the year, as the pandemic didn’t seem to affect us much.”

We asked Geard how he spent his time off, and he told us he enjoys doing things with his daughters’ horses, and, “When I get the opportunity, playing a bit of golf. So, it’s all good here, and 2021 is shaping up pretty well by the looks of it just now.”


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