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Scania a perfect fit for this milk run

A Scania cruised up the main street of scenic Malanda on the Atherton Tablelands and pulled up on a corner.

Jason McIvor left the passenger side door as the Scania drove around to the nearby Dairy Farmer’s factory.

“I have been helping a relative pick up milk from farms in the region including from Ravenshoe to deliver to the factory,” McIvor said.

McIvor said the tankers which carry the milk are insulated and not refrigerated.

He said the Scania was great to travel in and ideally suited for the work it does.

I didn’t get to talk to the driver as he was busy gaining entry to the factory to deliver the milk.

Whilst much of Australia faces drought the area around Malanda is lush green and the valleys and small hills have lots of dairy cows feeding from them.

Malanda was once the centre of the world’s longest milk run.


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