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The Australian Trucking Association is urging owner-drivers and small fleet operators to register to vote in its 2021 General Council election.

Nominations are also open for the two positions up for election: the owner driver (one truck) representative and the small fleet (2-5 trucks) representative.

Nominations and voter registrations close on February 18.

“The election is an opportunity for owner-drivers and small fleet operators to contribute to the ATA’s decisions and have their say on the critical issues affecting our industry,” ATA Chair David Smith said.

“It’s a chance to make your voice heard in Parliament House, in government departments and at the regulator.”

The owner-driver and small fleet representatives are entitled to attend and vote at ATA Council meetings which are held about four times a year, generally in Canberra. The ATA meets their agreed accommodation and travel expenses for Council business.

The members can also join in the work of the ATA’s policy committees, which meet by videoconference. These committees undertake detailed work on the ATA’s policies and submissions.

“To register to vote, you must own, be purchasing or leasing 1-5 trucks over 4.5 tonnes. You will also need to provide a valid ABN and an email address that is not used by any other person seeking to register to vote,” Smith said.

“You do not need to be in an ATA member association to vote. Registering to vote is free.

“To nominate for the owner driver position, you must own, be purchasing or leasing one truck over 4.5 tonnes and drive it, be registered as a voter in ATA elections, and be a member of an ATA member association.”

To nominate for the small fleet position, you must own, be purchasing or leasing 2-5 trucks over 4.5 tonnes, be registered as a voter in ATA elections, and be a member of an ATA member association.

“Whether you choose to register as a voter or run for election, this is a great opportunity to contribute to the trucking industry and the ATA’s direction,” added Smith.

If more than one nomination is received in a category, an election will take place through a secure, online voting system.

The ATA has appointed distinguished former public servant Phil Potterton as the Independent Returning Officer to conduct the election.

The ATA and its member associations collectively represent the businesses and people of the Australian trucking industry. Together, the ATA and its members are committed to safety, professionalism, and viability.

Register to vote or nominate in the 2021 ATA General Council election

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