PM visits Volvo manufacturing plant

Prime Minister Scott Morrison got behind the wheel of Australia’s first Volvo FL Electric truck, during a visit to the Volvo Group Australia manufacturing plant in Wacol, Queensland on Friday.

The new Volvo FL Electric is the first fully electric truck built by Volvo and is set to undergo trials with Linfox in coming months.

While visiting the plant, Morrison praised Volvo for manufacturing trucks in Australia for almost 50 years and reiterated his support for local manufacturing.

“We make things in Australia, and we make them well,” Morrison said. “At the Volvo and Mack factory in Wacol, southwest of Brisbane, they’ve been proudly making trucks for Australia and beyond for almost 50 years.

“Each and every truck that rolls off the assembly line proudly wears the Australian made logo and because of their continued investment they employ more than 1,400 people and support 90 local manufacturing suppliers, some of whom I met today.

“Our modern manufacturing strategy is all about supporting business to continue to invest in making things in Australia and ensuring there’s a big future for manufacturing in this country.”

Along with the Prime Minister, Assistant Minister for Road Freight and Safety, Scott Buchholz; Minister for Science, Technology and Industry, Karen Andrews; Councillor Sarah Hutton; and Volvo Group Australia President and CEO, Martin Merrick; were also in attendance.

“Clearly as you can see here, manufacturing in Australia is alive and well,” said Merrick. “We are so proud to have made significant investments to build these new trucks here in Australia at this facility.”

Along with supporting more than 1,400 jobs, Volvo Group Australia also supports 90 local suppliers. “We spend more than $400 million in the local supply chain every year. And our intention is to increase that local investment in the future,” Merrick added.

“Aside from the challenges that the world has faced in recent times one thing that has been reinforced here in Australia has been the importance of both road transport and truckies.”


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