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Changing it up

Though you’ll usually find him towing a tilt tray, it wasn’t the case when we stopped to chat with John Wells from Launceston.

“Today you have caught me with a tri-axle drop deck trailer loaded with a boom lift and general freight on the back, on my return leg from Hobart to Launceston,” he said.

Wells was driving his 2014 TasStar (previously Kellara Transport) 460 FM Volvo and told us he has been with the company for 18 good months.

“Ken is a great boss and he runs really good gear, like this Volvo, and as a result they are a great crowd to work with. Speaking for myself I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been on the road, all up, for about three years, and I can’t complain. Previously I had a background in the fuel business, now I am enjoying getting out of the city and out in the fresh air and on the open road, enjoying both the freedom and the ever-changing scenery.”

In his spare time, he enjoys chilling and going camping.

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