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Ripe for the picking

When Garry Ackerley from New Norfolk stopped for a break, the schmick Scott William’s 2014 Kenworth K200, with an ISX E-5 up front and towing a fridge pan, instantly caught our eye.

He told us he had started his day picking up a load of cherries from Plenty and then Huonville, then took them up to Devonport to catch the TT Line ferry to Melbourne’s markets, and was now on his way home to New Norfolk again.

“Scott called me out of retirement to give him a hand with the cherries this time. I have been on the road for about 39 years now, but I sort of semi-retired six years ago, but I find myself coming out to help out whenever I am required, and I must admit, I still enjoy getting back out on the road from time to time. So, I guess you could say I’m happy, and it’s all good out here just now, especially in this weather.”

He added that his time off was spent doing “this and that” but mostly taking it easy.

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