Road safety exhibition kicks off 2021 national tour

young road users

Safet360 kicked off its 2021 national tour today, visiting the University of Canberra O-Week to help spread the message about sharing the road safely with trucks.

Following a brief hiatus in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, the SafeT360 travelling road safety exhibition has returned to the road, with trialled and tested COVID-Safe procedures in place and COVID-trained staff.

“We are so excited to have joined the University of Canberra O-Week to spread our important road safety messages with our target audience, in a safe way,” said Melissa Weller, Australian Trucking Association Safety, Health and Wellbeing Director.

“16 to 25 year old road users are the most overrepresented group of people involved in crashes on our roads. This must change.

“Using immersive virtual reality technology and interactive messaging, we are putting young road users in the virtual driver’s seat to experience road safety from every angle.”

Mrs Weller said the SafeT360 team is now gearing up for the ‘Anything Goes’ Scouts Victoria event before a tour of NSW in March.

“Whether in a regional or urban area, we all have a role to play in road safety and need to understand how to share the road safely with trucks,” Weller added.

“SafeT360 has one clear goal – to save lives, and we are excited to get back out on the road to connect with young people across the country.

“While the truck is out on the road, all SafeT360 resources and activities, including virtual reality experience, are also available on the SafeT360 website for anyone to access on their own device for free.”

SafeT360’s national tour will also contribute to a research partnership with the University of Newcastle.

“This partnership will deliver valuable insight into safety initiatives and how organisations can deliver the most effective communications and campaigns possible,” Weller said.

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