Transport for NSW shuns Senate inquiry invitation

WA Labor Senator Glenn Sterle is looking for your help after Transport for NSW shunned his invitation to attend the Sydney round of his road transport inquiry next week.

For the purpose of gathering evidence, Sterle had invited the state government agency, which now includes RMS, to appear as a witness on February 9.

But he said TfNSW declined his invitation without giving a reason.

“Now this makes me somewhat disappointed as I was looking forward to hearing from them,” said Sterle on his Facebook page.

“I was also looking forward to raising a number of concerns with them that have been brought to my attention by truck drivers who have been financially targeted and disadvantaged by decisions made directly by Transport for NSW.”

In their response to his invitation, Transport for NSW did however say it would be happy to respond in writing to any questions the Senate committee may have.

“So, I want to hear from you,” added Sterle.

“If you have any examples of this bastardry, if you have any examples of being victimised or intimidated, or if you have any cases of blatant revenue hunting by Transport for NSW or RMS, please get in touch with me before the end of this week and I will be happy to follow up with Transport for NSW myself.”

To submit a question, message Sterle directly on his Facebook page here, or email him at

“I guarantee you that your name and your personal details will not be disclosed,” he said.

“Transport for NSW must inform the Senate how in the hell they think that fining our truckies for minor misdemeanours, like spelling mistakes, contributes one iota to road safety. What a load of absolute bullshit. This is just revenue raising.”

Big Rigs has asked TfNSW for comment on why it chose not to attend the inquiry in person.

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