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Natrad HDS – Trusted cooling specialists

Since 2010 when the Natrad Heavy Duty Specialists (HDS) group was formed, it has remained the country’s largest national network of heavy transport, industrial and automotive heat exchange specialists.

The group is dedicated to addressing the special needs of large industrial customers and offers highly skilled and consistent service Australia-wide. With the ability to support on-highway and off-highway vehicles, earth-moving and mining applications, large transport vehicle fleets and large-scale power generators, Natrad HDS is the ideal choice to handle heavy duty needs.

The combined workforce of Natrad HDS around Australia has hundreds of years of experience in engine cooling for large vehicles and heavy duty applications. They also have a wealth of understanding and knowledge about specific cooling solutions that work best for particular trucks and the extreme environments across Australia where they need to operate.

The Natrad HDS group works very closely with Australia’s largest radiator manufacturer, Adrad, to continually learn about the latest products and developments in cooling product innovation and technology. Naturally, there’s no better way to achieve this than by seeing it firsthand.

Adrad manufactures a huge variety of radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers in copper/brass, steel and aluminium alloy. It makes both automotive style (serpentine fin) cores and industrial style (flat fin) cores depending on the size and construction required for the application. Fin and tube are combined to make the core which is baked in an oven (alloy units require a furnace) to fuse the core together, then the headers are applied and leak testing completed before tanks are attached.

Adrad ADFUSE radiator cores feature a unique robot-welded header construction that provides exceptional strength and durability. Since its launch in 2013, thousands of ADFUSE radiators have been supplied to cool hard-working truck engines across the country.

On all radiator cores and assemblies, Natrad HDS offers strong national coverage, cost-effective pricing and nationwide warranty so you can minimise downtime and have peace of mind. Natrad HDS is unique to the Australian radiator industry, boasting such a large fleet of cooling system specialists. In addition, Natrad HDS can cover all cooling system needs and provides excellent servicing on a large parts range for industrial vehicles.

For more information on what Natrad HDS can do for you, call 1800 437 723 or visit

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