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Webasto: Cool solution proves a winner

Multifaceted transport business Hannah’s Haulage can be picky about its trucks and what goes into them. That extends from the list of safety features specified across the fleet like emergency braking technology and lane departure warning systems, through to its choice of cooling.

The company’s most recent large order of trucks was at the end of 2019. It included 12 vehicles: 10 Volvo 600hp Globetrotters and two Volvo 540hp Globetrotters. These were the first in the company’s fleet to feature Webasto’s Cool Split 20 air conditioning system.

Available in top or back mounted options and 12 or 24v, the Cool Split 20 system is a DC/AC powered air conditioning system which works while the vehicle’s engine is off, allowing drivers to rest in comfort wherever they are, day or night. It features a digital control panel, multi-function remote, four speed fan; and is lightweight, low profile and super quiet.

“With the Volvos, it was the first time we had used Webasto. I’d been talking to the dealer about putting inverters into the truck, when they told me Webasto already makes an air con system with an inverter built in,” said Hannah’s Haulage Managing Director Scott Hannah.

“I was looking to build my own but then found these and they work a lot better than the other systems we had. They are pretty efficient and the price wise was good. On our runs into Queensland, where we need them most, they work really well.”

Hannah’s Haulage started in 2001, with just one six-tonne truck. Initially it focussed its efforts on the express freight market and grew the business from there, but by 2010 its work in that segment had dried up and the business pretty much started again from scratch, this time diversifying its operations.

“Because of what happened before – working for one company and then the company closing, we no longer put all of our eggs in the one basket. Now we work in different areas of transport so if one area goes quiet, the other areas can pick it up,” said Hannah.

The fleet operates across the eastern states in everything from express and general freight, to construction, container work and crane trucks.

“We’ve now got a pretty good variety of work that we do. Our gas work goes quiet in summer, so I can move trucks across to containers, which get busier in summer,” added Hannah. 

Five new trucks are set to join Hannah’s Haulage in coming months, bringing the truck fleet up to 40. They too will feature Webasto’s Cool Split 20 air conditioning system, which Hannah said has become the company’s system of choice.

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