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ADRAD: Australia’s leader in quality cooling

Adrad is Australia’s leader in aftermarket radiators, intercoolers and air conditioning products, with the largest range, extensive distribution and the best support networks. Being the country’s largest radiator manufacturer and supplier means there is a wealth of experience behind every that part Adrad offers.

With an extensive collection of product and application knowledge, together with a history that dates back decades, Adrad is in a truly unique position to understand customer’s needs and ensure that its product designs provide optimal performance for radiators and other heat exchange products.

Adrad’s team of high calibre staff understand the issues associated with ensuring correct-fit installation of aftermarket products and delivering the combination of performance and durability required.

Adrad can also custom manufacture heat exchange cores and tanks for radiators, oil coolers and intercoolers for optimal performance. Precision laser-cutting and the use of heavy gauge materials means Adrad-manufactured parts will provide bolt-in fitment and exceptional service life.

Adrad offers innovative and clever designs that deliver better cooling performance and reliability in unusual operating environments. For instance, Adshield radiator cores feature an extra layer of protection over the radiator tube to greatly improve resistance to impact damage and erosion from grit blasting. Adrad’s hemmed and unlouvred radiator fin option allows the core to be pressure-cleaned without sustaining damage that a typical (and more fragile) louvred fin design would suffer.

Adrad’s ADFUSE radiators are built with superior strength construction for longer life. Using welded bonds rather than soldered, ADFUSE bonds provide extra protection against extreme heat and stresses from thermal expansion, vibration and pressure. These stresses ordinarily cause soldered joints to fail over time, resulting in reduced life span and unnecessarily increased downtime.

Depending on the application and operating environment, choosing the right materials can deliver better heat exchange performance or provide longer service life. Adrad can manufacture cooling products using copper, brass, aluminium alloy and steel.

Adrad’s radiator manufacturing and distribution facilities are quality certified to ISO9001-2015 accreditation which reflects the company’s stringent approach to creating and supplying high quality products. Its “best in the business” warranty is highly regarded in the industry and is supported right across Australia.

Adrad manufactures radiators in Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast to maximise speed of delivery which means minimal downtime for your vehicles and equipment. The national branch network provides exceptional customer service and after sales support.

Adrad’s extensive range of parts includes radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers, EGR coolers, fans and much more. It also supplies a range of premium quality, Australian-made coolants and treatments.

It’s all about having the ideal parts that can deliver the best cooling performance and longevity for your particular application. For more information about Adrad products, speak with your local Natrad HDS, Natrad, Adrad radiator expert or independent radiator specialist, or call Adrad on 1800 882 043.

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