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Icepack: Australian made since 1995

Company founders and directors, Charles and Sam, have always strived to produce everything possible for the Icepack unit in house. 

With a skilled workforce of almost 50 at their Wacol head office facility, in-house processes include fabrication of Icepack frames and lids, manufacture of rubber mounting bushes, electrical wiring looms and control boards, machining of oil and fuel fittings and drive pulleys followed by assembly, testing and quality controls.

Almost the entire Icepack unit is engineered, manufactured and assembled onsite. 

This ‘hands on’ control of production processes allows assessment and implementation of any possible upgrades in real time. Working closely with customers, drivers, service technicians and component suppliers, Icepack ensures that the most robust and reliable parts are used within its air conditioner units.   

Along with the co-operation of long-time customers, the R&D team are continually working on ways to improve products. 

The Icepack units of today are lightyears ahead of the Icepack units that were produced back in the 1990s in terms of quality, appearance, features and, most importantly, reliability and ease of service. 

The original Icepack 2000 was a simple and robust diesel-powered sleeper cab air conditioner. It was key start, 100-hour service interval with a wiring harness that could be rebuilt on the side of a road with a pair of side cutters.

The latest generation Icepack ES can cool, heat and auto start to maintain truck battery voltage, can be remotely started and is configured into a package that still has a very basic primary wiring harness, 1000-hour service interval and no electric fans. It has a 40% increased cooling capacity while using 40% less fuel.

Modern operating conditions mean many operators are seeing 2000 to 3000 hours run time each year. The long service interval and low fuel burn of the Icepack ES makes it the sleeper cab air conditioner of choice for fleet operators and owner-drivers alike. The cost savings through reduced servicing and low fuel consumption of the Icepack ES now means that this single unit comprises almost 70% of sales of the Icepack range.

But don’t stress if you still want an old school Icepack 2000, we will always keep making this unit – there is still a bit of demand for them out there.

Streamlined distribution of units and parts is available Australia-wide through Icepack’s offices in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. These locations are complemented by an Australia-wide network of authorised agents and service centres for all your Icepack sales, service and installation requirements. To find out more about how Icepack can make your life on the road a better one, visit or call 1800 625 746.

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