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A lifetime on the road

We were enjoying a drop of perfect Tasmanian Summer weather when we caught up with Neil Shires from Launceston at the Tassie Truckies Memorial Wall Inc.

He was driving a pretty schmick TFA Contracting 2013 T909 with a 600 signature up front, with “High Rollin” on the bug deflector, and he was towing a load of plantation logs from Maydena up to Bell Bay.

“I’ve been here for 12 months now, and so far I reckon they are a top outfit, look after us, and run great well-maintained gear, I mean look at this truck, and it’s great to be back in the forest, especially in weather like this.”

He added that he has been on the road for a lifetime, “For too many years now, but I don’t have any regrets, especially when you are getting out in the forest and on the open road, and importantly out in the open air, and basically it’s a good honest way to earn a living.”

When we asked him about his time off, he laughed and asked, “What is that?”

Then added he likes to spend quality time off with the family.

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