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All the bells and whistles

Passing through Epping Forest, we were fortunate to catch up with Tim Rigby from Launceston for a quick chat.

He had just pulled in driving a Rayner Transport 2020 480 Hp CF Daf Euro 6, with all the bells and whistles, and towing a B-double. He was on his return leg from Hobart back to Launceston.

“Then it’s a case of unload, get it set up for tomorrow’s run, and then knock off for the day. I’ve been here with Chris for nine good years now, they are genuinely a great outfit, look after us and run top gear, and did I mention, just look at the Daf?

“It’s his first B-double, and I got into it last December, and am very happy with it so far. Mind you there is a lot of splitting between destinations, but basically, it’s a great job. I began working with Chris on forklifts and have been here ever since, with no regrets at all. I enjoy the driving and the work, and it’s great being out on the open road and watching the scenery go by. Well except for the road works and the crazy drivers. For some reason they seem to be increasing nowadays.”

We asked him about his time off, and he smilingly told us he enjoys fishing, out of mainly Port Sorrell and Low Head, but also Weymouth.

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