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Loving the freedom

It was great to catch up with Nigel Armstrong from Devonport again the other day, and under happier circumstances than last time we met, when he dropped in for a welcome cuppa at a local truck stop and roadhouse.

He was driving a 2020 C & I Hire G500 Scania with only 43,000km on the clock, and towing a Tri-Curtainsider, working for Wynyard Transport. He was on his return leg from Dover with fish from Tassal, on his way to Petuna’s depot at East Devonport at the time.

“I have been here with Wynyard Transport for 12 months so far and must admit I am finding them a really top outfit, and they are certainly looking after me, and keeping me busy, which is always good.

“In a strange twist of fate I am a fitter by trade and used to work for Petuna back before I decided to take up driving as a profession, a decision I have never regretted, especially on a beautiful Tasmanian summer’s day like this.”

He told us he really enjoys riding his Yamaha MT10 whenever he gets the chance, as he loves the freedom, and the rest of any time he has free is taken up with family stuff.

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