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Welcoming heavy rain

Kylie Holdsworth had picked up supplies at Ravenshoe when Big Rigs saw her in rainy weather earlier last month.

The 46-year-old truckie had parked her Hino FD outside the service station in the main street after I saw it earlier entering the local hardware store around the corner.

“I have had a licence to drive this since I was 19 and we have an agistment property at Innot Hot Springs which is not far from here. It carries cattle,” she said.

Innot Hot Springs is a small centre along the Kennedy Highway between Mount Garnet and Ravenshoe.

At first Holdsworth was a bit coy about having her photo snapped but soon agreed.

“You should go and do a story on Louise Smith from around here who has a trucking company,” she said.

I told her that Big Rigs had done a recent yarn on Louise and her family company D&B Smith Brothers Transport.

“Kylie is one of the truest people I know, hardworking and a lovely person to boot,” Louise told Big Rigs.

Holdsworth was happy that heavy rain had fallen around her region in the past few days.

She was also surprised to hear that official figures revealed that females make up just 4 per cent of the total number of drivers in Australia.

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