Game on for new trucking board game

A new tabletop boardgame that focuses on the road transport industry is all ready to go but its creators are looking for support to help bring it to market.

The game is designed to provide an insight of a truckie’s life on the road for those just entering the industry or those thinking of a career in the industry.

Players can experience the highs and lows that drivers and fleet operators face on a daily basis, such as logbook stops, weigh scale checks, detours, floods or roadwork delays, no overtaking on double lines, as well as tyre or mechanical breakdowns.

‘Linehauler’ sees players start out in a rigid truck and work their way around the board to build their fleet with a semi-trailer, B-double and then finally the road train – the ‘King of the Road’ – to become a Linehauler champion.

Trefor Jones

Drawing manifest cards during play will show destinations, cargo and the how much you’ll make. Sometimes players will need a pilot or an escort, or they may draw the wide load or dangerous goods loads cards, requiring a permit. Pay day and fifth wheel cards will also test your luck with bonuses and penalties.

The game was developed by Trefor Jones.

Jones grew up in country NSW and became interested in trucks during his teens. His first foray into trucking was driving a rigid flat bed, delivering drinks. Before long he made the move into the truck hire industry, where his career spans nearly 40 years. This has also involved many trips to move trucks interstate.

He said the game has already been substantially play tested. Though it is production ready, he’s calling for support through Kickstarter to help get through to the next stage and get it to market.

The Kickstarter campaign begins March 1, 2021. Click here for details.

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