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Truckie stops caravanner from unloading black tank at rest area

dump rest area

Truckie Mike Williams hopes this errant RV driver – and others like him – think twice before illegally unloading their black tanks at rest areas.

The regular Big Rigs columnist, and host of the On The Road podcast, caught this motorist red-handed recently at a popular truckies’ stop near Rileys Hill, NSW.

“There’s only water in it mate, honest…water and piss,” said the red-faced driver when challenged by Williams who filmed the incident for his popular Twitter page.

“It’s not right,” responds Williams.

“There are places where you can empty that. We come in here and try and stop here and have a break, and you’re doing this.”

Apologising profusely, the driver quickly replaces the tank and moves on, but his contrite tone failed to win any sympathy with Williams army of Twitter fans.

“Disgusting. How can he be sorry when he was knowingly emptying his toilet canister there? There are dump points everywhere if he cared to look,” writes one.

“Fantastic Mike it’s good to see someone catching them in the act. He’s got no right to be in that parking Bay to start with,” says another.

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