Truckie survey aims to help revamp crash probe model


Darren Delaney has walked up one too many driveways without the answers that truckies’ friends and families so desperately need after tragedies on our roads.

Frustrated by the multi-agency investigation system we currently have, one that doesn’t always seek to find root causes for truck crashes, Delaney needs your help.

As part of his Doctoral research project, the former truckie-turned academic is aiming to create one simple model so anybody – the insurer, regulator, police, whomever – can look at the results and see what actually caused the accident.

The first stage of that process is a survey he’s just launched that invites truckies to have their say, without revealing their identity.

“This survey is intended to get the truck driver’s view into the accident investigation process and to see if those most impacted can provide suggestions into what would improve the investigation to discover what contributed to or caused the accident in the first place,” said Delaney.

“These factors usually fall outside the scope of a standard investigation.

“There are many problems with accident investigation into trucks; specifically understanding why accident investigations only look at the truck driver and the vehicle they drive and never seem to look for the reason an accident happened in the first place.”

Researcher Darren Delaney needs your help.

Delaney said the results he gathers will help build a framework and to develop a standardised accident investigation toolkit that can be used by everyone investigating truck accidents, regardless of location.

The results will also appear in academic publications and presented in conference proceedings, he added.

“We won’t solve the accident that happened today, but we might solve the one that might happen tomorrow.

“Drivers have always said something else may have influenced the accident, but no one has actually been listening to them.”

To take part in the short survey, just click here.

Delaney said confidentiality and security of data (within the limits of the law) will be guaranteed using password protected files and at the completion of the project all data will be destroyed after fifteen years.

You have until the end of August to take part.

The next phase of the project – from April to October – is seeking participants from all other transportation sectors; allocators, supervisors, managers, owners, etc, to share their views and insights into the current accident investigation process.

“The aim is to create a one-stop tool for any accident on any road in the country – no exceptions,” said Delaney.

If you are willing to be part of Delaney’s research, interviews will be held by video conferencing, predominately in the evenings, or at a time that is convenient.

Delaney also notes that all interviews will be recorded for analysis and stored in a password protected folder.

To register your interest, call Darren Delaney on ph 0401 458 082, or email at

  • If at any time you feel upset, uncomfortable, or stressed by any of the questions or scenarios in the survey, Delaney urges you to reach out and talk to a counsellor at Lifeline, ph 13 11 14, Beyond Blue, ph 1300 224 636, or through your company’s employee assistance program.

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