Work diary inconsistencies and other snippets from the south

snippets from the south

Monkey business

It appears that a recent photo of Mick’s monkey companion in Big Rigs has caught the eye of George, a friendly Gorilla who had pulled over for a cuppa at the BP at Murrundi in New South Wales where he is doing 2-up with Des in a white K-200. Rex is a well-travelled Gorilla having put in many kilometres in an “Eggs and Bacon” T-600 (remember Sean?) and later criss-crossing Queensland and NSW in seriously bigger and more interesting rigs, and he reckons taking to a life on the road was his smartest move ever.

SA police 

Always good to hear from our old mate Colin from Crofts Transport. He observed that since their foundation in 1948 in South Australia, January 2021 has been the first time that not a single new Holden has been sold in Australia. He also noted that a black and silver interstate quad double stopped the other day on Heaslip Road, and when a passing police officer took an interest in it, he found some inconsistencies in the work diary, and apparently they were carrying some interesting bits and pieces that weren’t carrots as well. Maybe they should stick to carrying fresh vegetables?

Costly legislation

Colin also noted that it appears the local enforcement operatives in South Australia are concentrating heavily on trucks and heavy vehicles approaching Adelaide down the steep descent from Crafers. Trucks of more than 4 tonnes, and of more than 4 axles, must use only the inside lane, and travel at no more than 60 Kph.  Now an interstate Scania recently copped a $26,000 fine we have been told, and another well-known local bloke was caught in his Ford F-350 Ute coming down said road, and received a fine for approximately $11,000. It seems someone made a rather obvious mistake in vehicle identification there when going through the files, and the fine has been subsequently quashed, but there has been no word of a refund so far. But please note if you are coming down the Freeway into Adelaide do observe these requirements as they are giving no tolerance, and even touching your service brakes more than 3 times will win you a ticket…. Welcome to Adelaide!

Queensland refugee

I guess it’s the lure of better weather and roads that brings so many people down here from Queensland, but whatever the attraction, we hear that a white Freightliner tipper from Gladstone in Qld. has recently been spotted working out of Launceston with a driver wearing his “permanent Bondi Bronze” tan, or is it just imitating a Logi Statue? So welcome to Tassie Tony Hinds, and Sean says you will soon discover what a hill is again, and observes that you are really looking forward to being under the fraternal care and supervision of the “little brother”. Welcome home Tony, you will soon acclimatise to our good weather.

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