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A welcome change

Pagey was driving an RBA 2005 K104 and with Taz and 22-month-old Mackenzie, when he stopped for a chat with Big Rigs.

He was towing a fridge pan and was on his way down to Huonville in Tassie with a load of general, and would then return and knock off for the day. Tas and Mackenzie tell us that they really enjoy the chance to get out on the road every now and then, especially as Taz loves the truck.

Pagey tells us he has been with Bruce for six good months this time, echoing all the RBA drivers in saying what a great outfit it is.

He added that he will only be there until Easter, as he will then be helping John out with his tow truck business prior to taking it over when he retires, as after 20 years on the road in a job he has never regretted, he feels a change will be welcome.

As for time off, he said, “Well it’s mainly about family and friends, with a bit of four-wheel driving and some camping thrown in.”

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