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Scale experts celebrate another hefty milestone

On-board truck scale business Loadmass Pty Ltd (Loadman Australia) has celebrated a major achievement, with Transport Certification Australia (TCA) granting its Smart On-board mass (OBM) system with Category B Type Approval.

“We were the first to be category A approved in August 2018, and now are type B approved. The fact that our Loadman LM300 Can Coder scale system is TCA approved means transport operators can use it with confidence, knowing that they will always get accurate information,” said Ralph Rossteuscher, Director at Loadmass.

“Our product is simple to install. The LM300 Can Coder system being available for over 10 years – we’ve just further developed it and redesigned it to comply with the TCA requirements.”

By utilising on-board mass measurement systems, transport operators are provided with critical information about their vehicle’s load. This not only helps to manage safety and regulatory compliance but can also help to boost productivity.

Smart OBM systems are digitally connected on-board weighing systems that enable new productivity and safety initiatives using applications of the National Telematics Framework (NTF). All Smart OBM systems are type-approved by TCA. They also allow the digital collection and transmission of data for later analysis and reporting.

Road access arrangements for higher mass, such as those relating to Performance Based Standards and High Productivity Vehicles, may require mass data information collected using a Smart OBM system. The Loadman LM300 system’s recent approval means customers will benefit with productivity gains.

Frank Parker, Managing Director of Loadmass added, “Loadman Australia has been distributing scale systems since 1998, and our custom solutions are to transport operator budget and specification. On-board mass measurement can be very valuable in supporting your commercial operations where managing load is a requirement.

“Loadman have been on the journey with TCA and Creative Microsystems, Loadman’s US-based manufacturer, to develop our Smart OBM System for some years. We can now offer transport operators the possibility to upgrade of an already fitted OBM system to a Smart OBM system for use with NTF applications.”

To add, Loadmass’ user-friendly systems feature cab-mounted meters that are easy to read, displaying gross weight, as well as the weights for individual axle groups if required.

Loadmass can design, supply and install systems to meet most on-board weighing system requirements – whether it be a simple weighing system or something a little more complex. Loadmass provides solutions from the Loadman and Airtec ranges, as well as its locally designed and manufactured LMA range which address local requirements for specific applications. LMA products provide solutions for rigid trucks on spring and air suspension.   With a wide range of optional features available, Loadmass can tailor a system to suit your specific needs and budget.

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