Date confirmed for end of Pennant Hills Road toll amnesty

Road Freight New South Wales (RFNSW) has been advised that NorthConnex fines will be enforced from Monday, March 15.

An earlier report said truckies had until the end of the month to keep using Pennant Hills Road instead of the controversial 9km Sydney tunnel without incurring the $194 fine.
But RFNSW released a statement this afternoon putting its members on notice of the impending change.

“Trucks and buses over the length of 12.5m or over the height of 2.8m, travelling between the M1 and M2, are required to use NorthConnex, unless they have a genuine pick up or delivery destination only accessible via Pennant Hills Road, are carrying a placard Dangerous Goods load or are a restricted access vehicle required to use Pennant Hills Road,” said the Transport for New South Wales notice.

“Signage and cameras on the Pennant Hills Road overhead gantries and signage on connecting major roads are in place, and for breaches, fines of $194 with no loss of demerit points apply.”

During the unofficial amnesty, in which warnings were issued instead of fines, the state government had reportedly foregone $2 million in revenue since the road opened in October.

It currently costs truckies $24.34 to make a one-way trip through the tunnel, and supposedly offers significant time and operational cost-savings.

But many of our readers are far from impressed.

We pay high rego to use the roads!!,” writes Neville Parks on our Facebook page.

“Not small businesses into being forced to bankrupt in dictatorship to use a toll Rd at $50 each trip. Freight costs are going up up thank the government again for another blunder! How about fixing the main roads , more rest stops with facilities, no more logbooks . The list goes on an on. Are they trying to monopolise the transport industry?”

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