150 reasons to celebrate at SRV

SRV Road Freight Services takes great pride in its beautifully presented Kenworth fleet – so when it came time to put the order in for its 150th Kenworth, it’s no surprise that the business decided to go all out.

The new beast is an ISX powered 2.8m big cab Kenworth K200 that was delivered on December 1, 2020.

Named ‘BlackListed’, it’s not your standard run of the mill truck, with various aesthetic modifications, including chrome and polished accessories.

“I allowed my wife to select the colour options both inside and out and I added the typical SRV shiny bits,” said Errol Cosgrove, who started SRV in 1997.

Like most of the Kenworths in the SRV fleet, BlackListed continues to turn heads while out on the highways, doing linehaul work across the east coast.

The trailers pulled behind it are emblazoned with two other milestone trucks – SRV’s 100th Kenworth, a Legend T900 delivered in 2017; and the 50th Kenworth, a K200 delivered in 2012.

SRV stands for safety, reliability and value, and is based in Ormeau, Queensland.

“I started SRV after many years of driving for myself. I had driven for years and decided that I would try and make a business out of doing something that I loved. The fleet and company as a whole have steadily grown over the past 24 years with thanks to many key people who have all contributed to the SRV you see today,” said Cosgrove.

“Our business, like others in the industry, has not been immune to the ever-changing conditions which are continually imposed upon us. We have had to adapt like everyone else and embrace the changes as best we can so that we can expand our offering.”

Cosgrove added that all of the prime movers in the SRV fleet are Cummins/Kenworth combinations. Models include the K104B, K200, T409SAR, T610, T610SAR, T904, T909, T900 and T950.

Being able to purchase the company’s 150th Kenworth truck was a special milestone for Cosgrove and a symbol of just how far SRV has come. “It has been a long time coming and there have been some years where it was really hard to gauge just what was around the corner, especially last year, so reaching this milestone at the end of 2020 allowed us all to have a moment of reflection, not only of the past 24 years of business and our achievements, but also of everything that happened during the year.” 

Now, who gets to sit behind the wheel of the new BlackListed beast? “The decision was made to offer the seat to a very worthy driver who has been with us for a number of years,” Cosgrove said. “He loves the truck and tells me that his wife, who is usually not fond of trucks, has a particular soft spot for this one too.”

Along with BlackListed, another two Kenworths joined the fleet before the year’s end, with 10 more on order and due for delivery in coming months.

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