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Enjoying the idyllic surrounds

When Big Rigs saw Terry Kane and John Myles, they were parked at a lush green area in Millaa Millaa on the Atherton Tablelands and ready to deliver fuel to a the nearby Mungalli Creek Dairy Farm.

Not being a religious man, however I did mention the location could have resembled the Garden of Eden.

They work for Marano’s Fuel which has depots around the Tablelands and Cairns and were tending to their Kenworth 409.

“My delivery to the Mungalli Creek Dairy went well, I was fairly happy it was holiday time as the road access is narrow on Brooks Road so there wasn’t any oncoming surprises. I also had deliveries out to Dimbulah which included mango farms and a few small customers that need fuel to get through. Good to see a few road upgrades out that way, makes life easier when traveling there. My day was incident-free and every road user was behaving very well actually,” said Myles, who has been with the company for 18 months; while Kane just started three weeks before.

They get as far away to Cooktown up north and to Cardwell in the south, and travel along numerous highways including the notorious Gillies, the Palmerston and the Kuranda Range Road.

I asked the lads which of the three highways are the worst to travel on. “A lot of drivers say the Gillies because it is so winding but I prefer it as it is not so busy,” Myles said.

Kane said he liked the Palmerston which connects the Tablelands with the Bruce Highway just north of Innisfail. “There are lots of holes on it but it is a nice drive.”

They both reckon it’s a pleasure working at one of the most beautiful regions of the country.

Marano’s Fuel is an independent, locally owned family business with over 60 years delivering fuel and oil in the north.

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