Is it time for you to sell your transport business?

Many business owners wait until it’s too late to sell their business. But what is it that stops business owners from selling at the right time? Is it laziness? Are they scared? Is it greed? Perhaps it’s the thought of not knowing when they’ve actually had enough or done enough.

If you’ve considered selling your business but are putting it off or procrastinating, here are some signs that you may be ready to sell now:

• The business is declining instead of growing

• Not knowing what to do next

• Not enjoying business ownership

• Feeling stressed

• Not trusting others

• Scared of making changes

• Not wanting to commit to new ideas or adopt new technologies

• Not enough cash in your own accounts

• Scared of taking a risk

• Feeling that employees are unreliable

• Seeing clients and customers as a problem, rather than being valued

• Having trouble managing time

• Finding excuses to avoid confronting issues or people

Some business owners panic and rush into selling without planning and preparation. If you think that it’s time to start thinking about selling your business, there are three initial steps that you should take. Firstly, have the current business value appraised by an experienced specialist. Secondly, consider the options with advisors who have no vested interest in your decision. And finally, talk to a specialist business broker and find out what the market is like.

A renowned truck repair franchise from regional Victoria has done exactly that. The owners of the business have decided that now the time is right to sell their successful business.

Automotive businesses like this truck repair business represent a large part of the Australian small business community, producing many millions of dollars of income and profits for business owners and stakeholders around the country.

The purchaser of this heavy vehicle wheel alignment business will be joining Australia’s market leaders, as this business is regarded as being the most innovative in the industry.

It has shown strong, consistent growth in the five years since it was established.

With no competition within 150 kilometres, this business provides general mechanical repairs and services and specialises in heavy vehicle wheel alignment and suspension repairs – providing owners of big rigs with driver comfort and safety.

The business uses ground-breaking technology, has a purpose-built 580m² workshop, is on track for $1.5 million in revenue this year, has in excess of $250,000 net profit to owner/operator, is averaging 20 per cent annual growth and it’s the first time it has been offered for sale.

If you would like further information on this fabulous business opportunity, please contact business brokers Bruce Rylance on 0418 396 910 or Karl Barban on 0406 990 631.

Barban has had a successful career in the transport industry that spans nearly 20 years. During that time he has also owned and operated his family business. As part of his service offering, he has supported large scale relocations and the setup of manufacturing and distribution companies, providing him with invaluable experience in the industry. With his extensive network and knowledge, he has what it takes to connect the right buyers and the right sellers.

For more information about selling your own transport business, contact Benchmark Business Sales on 1300 366 521 or email

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