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When the popularity of Japanese and other imported heavy vehicles were on the rise, there was a need for correcting camber and castor adjustments on heavy vehicles – and with that, All Type Axle Corrections was born.

All Type Axle Corrections was started in 2002 by Brady Magnussen and Steve Eadie. Between the two of them they have over 40 years of experience in the Automotive Industry.

As imported vehicles are not designed with our cambered roads in mind, they require the axle eye beam to be adjusted.

Failure to correct the axle can cause excessive tyre wear and a ‘pull left’ condition.

As tyres are an expensive part of truck and trailer maintenance costs, a poor wheel alignment can cost you money. By ensuring the wheel alignment is within specification, you can significantly increase the life of your tyres, minimise downtime and reduce costs.

Brady and Steve invested in a 150 tonne press and sought out the leading expert in truck alignment at the time. After an intensive training program on settings and correct operation of the press, they were on their way.

The workshop is set up to receive whole vehicles or bare axles for correction with trained heavy vehicle technicians onsite to remove and refit the axles.

They also have an axle eye re-sleeving facility with their imported American line boring machinery. They can crack test all your steering components including steering arms, stubs and axle eyes.

All axle eyes are crack tested before re-sleeving the axle eye with an aircraft quality alloy stainless steel sleeve with a wall thickness of 1.75mm. The sleeve is fitted with a 2000th of an inch interference fit.

All Type Axle Corrections can straighten front and rear differential housing assemblies on your four wheel drive too.

All Type Axle Corrections works closely with the team at Eadie’s Mechanical and as such can perform an almost one stop service.

Eadie’s Mechanical’s technicians are all dual qualified and the workshop is equipped for wheel alignments, servicing and repairs.

With two dedicated pits for heavy vehicles and a wash-bay, they can handle all types of vehicles, big or small. 

In the 1990s, Steve trained with Bruce J Reilly and Truck Align, a leader in wheel alignment technology at the time. He has been honing his skills and teaching his team ever since.

As a result, Eadie’s Mechanical now specialises in wheel alignment and has all the gear to perform alignments on rigid trucks, buses and prime movers, and they can even align your trailers too.

If the camber or castor adjustments are too far out to correct on the vehicle, Eadie’s Mechanical can remove the axle for All Type Axle Correction to perform the correction.

All Type Axle Corrections  and Eadie’s Mechanical work hand in hand and generally achieve a same day turn around.

Eadie’s Mechanical prides itself on offering practical, cost effective solutions to cater to the needs of its customers.

It uses quality parts from reputable suppliers and understands that genuine parts are not always a feasible option. Eadie’s Mechanical uses quality Australian made Penrite Oils and has a long-standing relationship with the manufacturer. But if you prefer a different brand of oil, most brands are available, or you can supply your own.

This year marks Eadie’s Mechanical’s 40th anniversary, having started with Doug Eadie before being passed on to his son Steve.

The business has grown from strength to strength and built a reputation on practical knowledge, quality workmanship and cost effectiveness.

All Type Axle Corrections and Eadie’s Mechanical are located just off the Cunningham Highway, approximately 25 minutes from Rocklea, with a large yard to facilitate truck access, around 700 metres from the RAAF Base Amberley.

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