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Trucking, rain, hail or shine

Heavy rain didn’t prevent Wayne Bowden from towing a broken down car away at Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland.

I saw Bowden and his 1997 Isuzu in action at the public park near the Ravenshoe CBD.

He runs Innot Hot Spring’s Auto and has been doing the job for 40 years.

“I get all over the Atherton Tablelands, to Cairns and Innisfail and couldn’t get a better area to work around,” he said.

This job was to tow a vehicle about 28km away to Battle Creek. The owner of the car spoke to Big Rigs and said that Bowden provided a great service at a remote location.

Bowden has his own motto which is “If your car’s a pain and getting no gain don’t complain just call Wayne.”

Locals told me that Bowden was among the best known truck drivers in the region. “You often see his truck at different places around here and Wayne is also a very friendly bloke,” Jan Lamont told me.

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