Celebrating holidays and heroes

As vaccines roll out and hopefully our essential service truck drivers are in the front of the line to get the jab. I do not believe that the vaccination should be mandatory, but it should be made available for frontline workers as soon as possible.

Once these essential services are vaccinated, our aged and vulnerable populations should receive it, it should then be made available to the general population. However, anyone wanting to protest and collect in large numbers for political causes should be last to receive the vaccine.

As we return to normal, we must reinstate our lifestyles and most importantly celebrate our national holidays and by this, I mean Anzac Day most importantly.

If we can have a return to sporting crowds, Mardi Gras, and Moomba, we can honour those who have fought and died for our country and our freedom.

Any state politician who cancels Anzac Day services and marches does not deserve to be in office in this country and should step down.

This is not about politics or party differences is about honouring our past and present servicemen and women on this special day.

This is also the time of year when the media and social media is full of articles and editorials about equality and bridging the gap and quotas and everything else as we celebrate international Women’s Day.

While I totally believe in equality I believe in equality for all but the rhetoric just gets louder and louder for quality for women, almost everything spoken or written is about equality for women; there is little or nothing about discrimination for men; when they talk about family violence there’s nothing about violence against men and it is perpetrated against men by women, family violence can happen in all relationships, against women, against men, in same sex relationships, and it needs to be at the forefront of all of our minds.

On calling for equality we need to talk about equality for all; equality for women, equality of a man, equality for everyone. We will never achieve true equality until every man woman and transgender person is treated the same and we must all do this together.

Transport Women Australia Limited has celebrated its International Women’s Day with dinners in Sydney and Melbourne and attended the QTA function in Brisbane. We are now completely gearing up for our conference in May and all efforts will be concentrated on that.

Tickets are now available through trybookings and the programme will be available from the printer very shortly.

The conference is being held at The Mantra Epping in Melbourne, the Safe T360 truck will be attending on Friday and Saturday and we have some amazing speakers lined up for you.

We are so looking forward to welcoming y’all back to Melbourne after the last 12 months of uncertainty; I am so excited about seeing you in person and producing a great programme. We thank our sponsors who have remained loyal throughout these trying times.

Our website is about to launch, and you will be able to find all our amazing initiatives available on there or I could be contacted via chair@transportwomen.com.au  or call 0417 422 319.

Sponsorship and speaking opportunities are still available.

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