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MaxiTRANS celebrating major milestone at Brisbane show


Trailer giant MaxiTRANS has confirmed that it is wholeheartedly supporting the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show to be held in May.

While some heavyweight manufacturers have bailed on the showcase in recent weeks due to Covid concerns, in a statement today MaxiTRANS says it plans to use the May 13-16 event to flag the 75th anniversary of Freighter trailers.

Along with the latest in Freighter trailers, MaxiTRANS will display the wide range of the company’s freight solutions which includes Maxi-CUBE, Lusty EMS, Hamelex White, Trout River and AZMEB.

Also on display is MaxiTRANS’ national retail parts brand, MaxiPARTS, showcasing the wide range of truck and trailer parts, which further demonstrates the aftermarket support offered to customers via our national network.

Getting a hands-on experience with the hard edged reality of large highway equipment is important, according to MaxiTRANS Managing Director & CEO, Dean Jenkins.

“This is an industry that deals in the hard facts of reality every day on the country’s highways and back tracks. Nothing beats the ‘real world’ interaction between industry people and the latest transport tech at Australia’s premium truck show in Brisbane,” he said.

Interaction with the wider public is particularly important in an industry facing a shortage of future skilled employees, he added.

With Freighter Trailers achieving its 75th Anniversary in 2021, Jenkins says MaxiTRANS will be using the show to celebrate the achievements of this all-Australian product.

Freighter Trailers came into being as a war-child, the trailer manufacturer working under the Freighter flag since the end of World War II. Riding the wave of road transport growth following the war, Freighter dominated trailer manufacture in this country by the 1970s.

Freighter merging with Maxi-CUBE in 1998 gave birth to MaxiTRANS and Freighter trailers have been leading the way on Australian highways with cutting edge freight technology to this day.

Jenkins says many transport operators are now second and third generation Freighter customers.

“It is this ongoing support that has helped build the legacy that Freighter is proud to have established,” Jenkins said.

“It’s time to celebrate and support our industry that’s supported our brands for 75years,” Jenkins said.

“Celebrate the great role road transport has played in keeping the nation connected through the trying times of the past 12 months and bright future of the industry on Australia’s highways.”

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