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Happy to be back home

Andrew Cowen from Bagdad in Tassie was driving a 2011 Freightliner Coronado for Worsley’s Transport and towing a B-double when he stopped for a chat.

Cowen, who was on his way back to Hobart from Devonport, tells us he is rather made up with the Coronado which was previously well known as Darren Curtain’s truck, and that it still runs like clockwork as well.

“I have been back nearly two years with Greg this time, and I can honestly say he runs a top outfit with a great crew.

“I’ve been on the road now for about 30 years all up, including about 11 years on the big Island, and that included three years on the East/West run and carting bricks around Perth.”

Then I decided to come home to Tassie in 2017; I can honestly say you don’t appreciate how good Tasmania is, or how much better it is driving down here, until you come back from the mainland.

“I have just come home from a couple of weeks holiday in Queensland, and it has really made me think about how well off we are down here.”

We asked Cowen how he spent his time off, and he told us: “Well after spending time with the family, it’s pretty well all devoted to cars and motor bikes, like my M 109R Suzuki, and then taking it easy.

“I am also wondering are they just going to let the roadhouse at Bagdad die? There is certainly a gap there needing one.”

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