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Transporting “anything and everything”

Well things are surely progressing apace with the renovations at Mood Food, the 24-hour Truckstop at Kempton, and it was great to catch up with Peter Smith from Geilston Bay, who had recently fuelled up at the new dedicated diesel area, while he was enjoying a break there on a rather cool summer’s day.

Driving a Fox Log Freight’s 2009 K108 with a 550 Cummins up front, he was towing a drop deck loaded with general freight on his return leg to Hobart from Launceston at the time, his daily run.

“We carry anything and everything pretty well,” Smith told us, “and I have been here for seven very good years now, as they are truly a great outfit to work for and pretty well leave me alone to get on with the job.

“As well as six years in the airforce I have been driving now for 30 years, and I’ve no real regrets, it has been, and continues to be, a good honest way to earn a living. And especially driving, and looking around Tasmania, where there is always so much welcome variety, so you are never bored.”

We asked Smith about his time off, and he said he enjoys spending time with the family, and also tinkering with an old Bedford van and an old Transtar on his place.

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