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Logistics boss commissions dazzling drone tribute


Rockhampton-based Katie Gardner knew she wanted something big and spectacular as a part-truckie tribute, part-marketing tool for her new freight-booking business Best Rated Transport.

What better way then, she thought, than to commission the industry’s leading drone operator, truckie Ben Stamatovich of The Drone Way, for an edge.

Gardner says it took six months of filming and editing to come up with the finished birds-eye celebration of Australia’s hard-working truckies below, but it was well worth the wait.

“I wanted to showcase three things; trucks, my country and my business,” said Gardner, the brains behind Australia’s first seven-point comparison system for transport quotes.

“We also wanted to recognise the lengths that trucking companies go to to deliver great service, and we wanted to capture a video to reflect that.”

Gardner has quickly made a name for herself when it comes to innovation in the logistics sector.

Best Rated Transport boss Katie Gardner.

In less than a year she’s built Best Rated Transport into an emerging force and an integral part of the load procurement and scheduling process for transport operators, leading to an increase in work and a much welcome boost to profit margins.

Best Rated Transport is also officially recognised as an innovative business by the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative.

Gardner addss that she’s proud of the fact her platform that’s taken many years to build has given smaller operators the chance to obtain work they normally wouldn’t get.

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