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Continuing the family tradition

It is always a pleasure to catch up with women driving professionally, and so it was when Amber Brosnan (Sarah Brosnan’s daughter) rolled in, driving a schmick Dave Richards Contracting’s 2012 Western Star Constellation with a Series 60 up front.

She was on her return leg towing a fridge pan from Hobart back to Devonport.

“I am now the third generation driving trucks in the family, and am loving it so far, it’s just the best feeling there is, especially when everything goes right.

“I grew up helping Mum and learning the job and tinkering with bits and pieces. And this is my first big trip today, and I am so excited to be here driving the Western Star, and everything is going so well so far.”

Brosnan added that she was currently working as a cleaner, and odds and ends for Matt Ryan, and she was hoping that this work for Richards would be invaluable in getting her serious work in the industry.

“Dave was very happy too as I was able to help him keep two trucks working today, and he was nice enough to take me on for this run, so I am hoping.”

Bruce Knight from Devonport, who has been Brosnan’s trainer at OnRoad Offroad Training, was along for the ride to bolster her confidence.

“It is so nice to be here watching Amber taking her first trip and following in the family tradition.

“That is one of the big weaknesses in the industry at the moment as the various OH&S requirements prevent young people from going out on the road with their fathers/mothers as they did in the old days, and learning the craft from the ground up as they used to do. Amber is doing a great job, and it is a real pleasure being here with her today, and I am sure she has a bright future ahead and we all wish her well.”

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