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Following his dad’s footsteps

Stopping over for lunch at Kempton, we were thrilled to meet up with Joel Clements from Legana out the back when he called in, keeping company with fellow truckie Bruce Clifford for a refreshment break.

Driving a Beams Brothers Transport 480 Hp 2014 FS Hino 700, he was towing a Super dog, and was also on his return to Flowery Gulley from Sand Fly.

“We took lime down and are running back empty and being out on the road on a mild sunny warm day like this is a real pleasure,” said Clements.

“I’ve been here with them for 10 good years now following in my dad’s footsteps now and I’d have to say they are a truly top outfit.

“In actual fact I have spent my whole driving life here with them, and reckon you couldn’t get a better job, or a better more helpful crowd to work with.

“I started out life as a butcher, but I always liked driving and trucks, and I’d have to say I am a lot happier out on the open road, having a good look around the state, than I was cutting up meat.”

Time off, he told us, was pretty well centred around football. “I volunteer with the Bridgenorth Football Club (Australian Rules) and help out with the juniors, and play the odd game here and there and of course get involved in family stuff.”

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