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Many kilometres travelled

Passing through Kempton we made our way through the extensive renovations to the 24-hour Caltex Truckstop and Roadhouse and were fortunate to catch up with Bruce Clifford from Legana.

Driving an eye-catching Beams Brothers Transport 2013 TGS 26.540 Euro 5 quarry-specced MAN he was towing a quad dog on his return to Flowery Gulley from Sand Fly.

“This is a great outfit and I’ve been here for five good years now,” he told us.

“Prior to this I have done quite a few kilometres on the road including spending 2011 on the big Island carting grapes, grain and sugar and that was interesting.”

Before Clifford took up driving professionally he worked at the aluminium smelters at Bell Bay for about 30 years.

“But I have really enjoyed getting out on the road and all the variety that involves, including meeting some really nice people along the way.

“I would have to say I was encouraged to go truck driving by the late Kevin Hinds from Beaconsfield who was a genuine Boral legend, and a true gentleman.

“By the way, this truck was originally driven by Paul Clements, Joel’s father, who kept it in mint condition, always.”

We asked Clifford how he spent his time off, and he told us: “Well I have just bought, and driven home from Wollongong three weeks ago, a 2006 MX-5 roadster with 82,000 on the clock, which promises to be heaps of fun, and we enjoy caravanning and doing all the traditional family stuff, of course, especially with the grandkids. And finally, I am aiming at retiring come the end of the financial year.”


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