Truckie Profiles

The four amigos

Parked beside each other at a roadhouse in north Queensland were truckies Michael Mills, Bevan Mobbs, Jake Fiedler and Shane Warne.

They all drive flashy Kenworth trucks and had brought up general from northern NSW to Townsville and were delighted to talk to Big Rigs.

I referred to these super friendly drivers as the Four Amigos as we yarned about the road transport industry.

Mills, 44, works for the VE Group and said he enjoyed getting up to the tropics. “It is good here at BP Cluden because there are good clean facilities for us and a major shopping centre a short walk away,” he said.

Aged 57, Mobbs has been a truckie for 35 years and works for Daltrans based out of Toowoomba. “The worst road I have driven on lately is between Aramac and Torren’s Creek,” he said.

Fiedler and Warne are employed by the Gleich Group and dislike the “idiot car drivers” they encounter on their travels.

There was a fifth amigo but he wasn’t in the vicinity to have his pic snapped with the lads.

Check out the Spy on the Road column [page 28-29] to read about the interesting life of Shane Warne who has the same name as Australia’s highest wicket taker in test cricket.

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