Truckies’ pay needs to better reflect what you do

The time is now, the time to seek the changes needed in the transport industry. This is the year we seek the respect that Transport Workers deserve.

With people returning to work, the economy beginning to move again, it is now time to make the big push for industry rates in the supply chains.

It is time to achieve increases for Transport Workers who kept the country moving. 

As your union, we are about to walk into our next round of negotiations across the transport industry.

We are currently holding meetings with delegates from a range of industries to authorise logs of claim and put them out for the rank and file to vote. 

At the forefront of members claims will be job security for transport workers right across the industry. 

The driving force behind everything we will do is industry standards, we want to bring the yards across the industry up to a set of rates of pay that reflect what you do.

We are looking to ensure a level playing field which ensures workers are paid fairly.

Members are taking the necessary steps towards building a collective TWU power and rejecting insultingly substandard agreements and deals.

The pandemic has seen the business of moving freight grow. Where a company chooses to put that income only into the bottom profit line then members will say no.

The TWU continues to walk beside transport workers. Working together means that we can organise for change to deal with the problems drivers face every day.

Our collective voice exists because you have joined the fight; we have a stronger voice.

We will hold companies and governments to account to ensure a safer and fairer industry, we will stand as one union, we will bargain as one union and we will take on the companies and clients as one union.

We need to do this because Safe Work Australia statistics show a jump in the number of transport workers killed.

In the last five years, 895 people died in truck crashes, according to the Bureau for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics.

We will continue our push for safety and fairness throughout the transport industry supply chains.

We will also continue to push the Federal Government to put in place mechanisms to hold companies at top to account.

Importantly all of us working together and taking a stand to improve our industry will achieve this.

Please stay in contact with your delegate or TWU officials to find out how you can get involved today.

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