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Watch: Quick-thinking truckie averts crash by flashing lights

It was shaping as a run-of-the-mill haul for interstate truckie Simon Kendrick from Melbourne to Sydney earlier this morning until he neared the ‘Dust Bowl’, just south of Narellan Road.

That’s when he spied the driver of a ute up ahead suddenly veer sharply to the left, seemingly on a crash course with a parked truck.


“I think ol’ mate in the ute was nodding off and my high beams woke him before he ran up the ass of a parked truck,” wrote Kendrick on the Facebook group Truck Dash-Cam Australia, where he first shared the clip.

So, did the shaken ute driver pull over and sleep it off after Kendrick saved the day at 1.50am?

“Nope, kept going to the next exit and had a couple more moments before that too,” added Kendrick, who was driving a Kenworth T610SAR for Griffin Refrigerated Transport.

[Ed’s note: Kendrick also gave us permission to re-publish the clip].

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